Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Reminder of Tasks: Wednesday, 27. I, 16

S3-08, these are the active tasks as of 1140h, Wednesday, 27. January, 16

Assignments/documents due tomorrow, Thursday, 28. I, 16

I.      Geography:   Fill <Earth Activity [O-O Divergence]> as accordingly

II.     Biology:   Chapter 3: Movement of Substances Worksheet, Activity 3: Transport Processes [pg. 5-6]

III.    Document:   Withdrawal of Pupil Edusave Fund for Enrichment Programmes 2016 Consent Form [only Singapore Citizens]

Special materials needed tomorrow, Thursday, 28. I, 16

I.      Biology:   curved ruler, graph papers, sharp 2B pencil/s, eraser.

Assignments/documents due AFTER tomorrow, Thursday, 28. I, 16

I.      Biology:   Alternative Assessment: Biology-Related Myth Busting, individual proposal and group proposal [due 1700h, Saturday, 30. I, 16]

II.     Mathematics:   Chapter 02b: Functions and Graphs, Assignment 2.2 Tier A & B [to be submitted in <Maths 1>] [due Monday, 1. II, 16]

III.    Social Studies:   Upper Secondary Social Studies Textbook, Source Investigation [pg. 21] [handwritten on foolscap paper] [due Monday, 1. II, 16]

IV.    Biology:   Biology Matters Workbook [pg. 11-16] [due Tuesday, 2. II, 16]

V.     Physics: Decision Matrix Practice [due Tuesday, 2. II, 16]

VI.   Chemistry:   Completely fill <Unit 2: Elements, Compounds and Mixtures> [due Wednesday, 3. II, 16]

VII.  Mathematics:   Alternative Assessment for AM [variable topic] [due T1W5, Thursday, 4. II, 16]

VIII. Physics:   Performance Task, Engineering Design Project - Bridge Building Competition [variable due date from T2W1 to T2W5]

IX.    Social Studies:   Formulate questionnaire [refer to TB Ch. 12, pg. 378 - 379] for 3x students, 3x parents, 3x industrial partners [refer to TB Ch. 12 pg. 380 - 413] [unspecified due date]

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