Thursday, January 21, 2016

Reminder of Tasks: Thursday, 21. I, 16

S3-08, these are the active tasks as of 1350 hours on Thursday, 21. January, 2016

Assignments/documents due on Friday, 22. I, 16

I.       Biology: Submit all [4] existing worksheets, completed and without blanks

II.      [if not submitted] Mathematics:   Chapter 01: Equations and Inequalities AM, Assignment 01c [tier A, B, C]

III.     Advisory:   Complete, sign and file <My Goals for 2016>

IV.     [varies] Geography:   File all handouts in designated Geography file.

V.      [varies] Higher Chinese:   完成 <排比练习>

Assignments/documents due AFTER Friday, 22. I, 16

I.       Biology:   Chapter 3: Movement of Substances Worksheet, Activity 1: Transport Processes [pg. 2] [due Monday, 25. I, 16]

II.      Physics:   Read <An Engineering Approach to Collective Decision-making [due Tuesday, 26. I, 16]

III.     Chemistry:   Unit 2: Elements, Compounds and Mixtures, Activity 3: Classify 24 substances [pg. 3 - 7] [due: Tuesday, 26. I, 16]

IV.      Chemistry:   Unit 1: Measurements & Experimental Design - Assignment [UNCERTAIN: due Tuesday, 26. I, 16]

V.       Document: Withdrawal of Pupil Edusave Fund for Enrichment Programmes 2016 Consent Form [only Singapore Citizens] [due: Tuesday, 26. I, 16]

VI.     [varies] Biotechnology:   Create and constantly update a notational mind map with lesson contents. [due (T3W4) Wednesday, 27. I, 16]

Assignments/documents with UNSPECIFIED due date

I.        Biology:   Alternative Assignment: Biology-Related Myth Busting

II.       Biology:   Fill notes up for filing in designated notation file.

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  1. The 5 Worksheets to submit for Bio to Me by tomorrow:
    - Science of Life Worksheet
    - Cell Structure & Organisation Worksheet
    - Practical Worksheet 1
    - Pre-Lab Activities
    - Construction of Table & Graphing Techniques


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